Time to Dye again!

It was time to dye another colour and this time it was time for the pink-orange version and I was really pleased over how it turned out.

Here it is, ready for cooling off.
Drying in the sun and this time I dyed 2x50gr as well as 1x100gr. The 2x 50gr is for socks.
Dried and ready for use.

I feel that I really can get used to doing this and I have already the next colour in mind, a golden one. Let’s see when I’ll have time to dye it.

1st Hand-dyed Yarn

Finally! I have for some years now (since 2017) wanted to try out to dye my own yarn and now it finally happened. I was very nervous at first but it was so much fun and I want to do more now. I’m a big fan, follower, and patreon of the Bakery Bears Podcast and have been following them from the start, and Kay who is the dyer of the duo (Dan & Kay) has dyed up so many beautiful colourways through the years and I have bought some and won others. Now she has a dying show that’s a part of being a patreon can get access to, where she shows her ways of dying some of her beautiful colourways and it’s this that got me starting this year. If you want to find out more about this Duo, then jump over to their Webpage for full information and the history of their work with the Podcast.

So here’s a few photos of my first ever hand-dyed yarn.

When I got to this stage, I really wanted to stop and I will do that the next time.
Here it is in its finished colour and it was time to let it cool.
Hanging up to dry.
Here it is. My first hand-dyed yarn, ready to knit with.

This was so much fun to do but it does take time and planning and I loved every minute of it and will do this again. Planning to make a pinky peachy one next time.

Bakery Bears Advent Calendar KAL 2020

So it has started and I have been working on it very hard so now the Stitch In Time Blanket has to wait till this is done and it will be by the 24th of December (hopefully). So this is how far I have come and I did what the designer Kay Jones is doing, and that is starting with the darkest of the two shades of colours (shade 1 = Blue, Shade 2 = Pink), and my two colours are blues and pinks. So Starting with the darkest pink and alternating every section with the blues from the lightest and ending with the darkest. Meaning that both lightest will meet in the middle and both darkest will be at the end. I thought that could be really nice, but after a few sections, I realized that I should have gone with my first thought and that was to start with the darkest pink to the lightest and then from the lightest blue to the darkest. Why? because my colours are not as subtle as the designer’s choice so it will be hard contrasts between them all and not the soft overlapping that I was first hoping for. So I guess I have to make another one and do what I first thought of.

Here are my colours and the order I will use them.

The nice thing with this pattern is that every section is inspired from different christmas books/stories and she reads that part from the books that inspired into the pattern for each section.

7 sections of 10 done

I’m looking forward to see it done and it’s a cowl. I have learned some new pattern and that’s always fun. section 4 (Happy Christmas Harry (Potter)) was really fun to knit and also section 6 (Flaming Pudding).

Stay Saf!

Jorids Vantar (Mittens)

One lady in my Facebook group showed me some lovely pair of mittens that I fell in love with, mainly because of the Bullfinches, so I wanted to make these myself and ordered the yarn. I have no idea when it will happen because Christmas is soon here and it’s colourwork and I have the Stitch In Time Blanket that I want to finish first. But I did order the yarn for them so at least I have that when I’m ready.

Stitch In Time 2 cont…

I’m working hard on this blanket because I want it done before the end of this year. Here’s they Rainbow layout I started with (backbone) and then I need to fell out with the rest of the blocks.

I’m working hard on this.

The Bakery Bears Podcast will have a Advent Calendar KAL so I have ordered the yarn for it. All I know at the moment is that I need 10 balls of yarn in soft gradient colours and not to dark and we will be only using 20gr per colour, so I have ordered 50 gr balls so that will be enough to make another one if I so want to.

Here they are!

Stay Safe!


Source: Garnfärgning

I have been giving this a great deal of thought lately and I am so eager to learn to dye my own yarn and hopefully be able to sell some of it. I have to do a small test first to work it out before I buy the expensive yarn/wool bases.

Knit Nottingham


This is a yarn shop in Nottingham, England that I stumbled over by mistake for some times now, after finding Eleanor’s vlog (Video Blog)  on YouTube.

Eleanor is one hilarious and bubbly woman who makes me laugh and happy every time I watch her vlogs and I just love her. She’s just brilliant. But some people might find her language a bit vulgar from time to time.

She’s been working so hard with the yarn shop from day one, when they were three ladies owning it, but now she’s bought them out and she’s moved to a bigger shop by using crowd founding.

Her first “vlog” was 4 years ago and lots have happened since then.

I will now in late November travelling over to England with my husband (who’s English) to meet up with family and friends and attend a concert (Marillion) and also, take a trip to Nottingham to visit Eleanor and her new shop. I’m so looking forward to this.

Please feel free to follow her on YouTube: KnitNottingham

Her Shop: KnitNottingham


Skacel Yarn HiKoo Abracadabra Yarn

NobleKnits is a full service online yarn store! We carry designer yarns, knitting patterns, notions and accessories. Free shipping on every US order!

Source: Skacel Yarn HiKoo Abracadabra Yarn

How cool is this!!

Detta garn byter färg efter att du kommer ut i solen. Ett UV garn i tre färger, Rosa, blått och lila.

Detta måste jag testa en dag.

Signature 4 Ply – Country Birds – West Yorkshire Spinners.

Introducing our Signature 4 Ply Range75% Wool – 25% Nylon. The wool content contains 35% luxurious Bluefaced Leicester making this one of the most sumptuous 4 Ply products on the market. Available in a range of vibrant colour groups – Sweet Shop – Spi

Source: Signature 4 Ply – Country Birds – West Yorkshire Spinners, Providers of Bluefaced Leicester, Mohair, and Wool Scarves

Detta är ett garn jag börjar se allt oftare på olika podcasts (Engelska) som jag följer och har blivit sugen på att testa det. Så jag undrar om någon där ute har använt det och kan tala om vad ni tycker om det.


Novita Säde | Novita knits

Det glittriga Säde-garnet (Stråle) är ett drömlätt och lyxigt blandgarn prytt med paljetter. Garnet passar perfekt för sjalar eller kombinerat med andra garn för att ge stickningen lyster. Säde-garnet är en blandning av akryl, polyester, mohair och polyamid. Ett nystan på 50 gram innehåller ca 205 meter garn, stickor nr 5 rekommenderas. Handtvätt. Säde är en kampanjprodukt. Kampanjprodukter säljs bara i en begränsad mängd, så kom ihåg att skaffa tillräckligt med garn för ditt projekt.

Source: Novita Säde | Novita knits

Passa på! Nu för 19:-/st (50gr) mot tidigare 37:-

Finns i 9 fina färger.