The Longbourn Shawl

Longbourn by Kay F Jones.

When I saw this shawl for the first time I just fell in love with it on the spot and just had to knit it, it’s the Longbourn by Kay F Jones.

Kay also dyed up the three sets of colours for this shawl for her Etsy shop, but they went in seconds, so she dyed up another batch that went just as fast so I had to find my yarn somewhere else.

The three colours where Blue, Pink and purple and I wanted the purple with the silvery grey border. The blue one is pictured above.

Longbourn (Purple)
Longbourn (Pink)
These were the colours that I brought for mine
Here they are caked up .

I really wanted a lighter purple but couldn’t find any, so I also bought a darker silver/grey.

My Longbourn Shawl off the needles.

All I now need to do is to wash it and block it and I’m very pleased with it.

Yarn used: Cauldron of Colours “Betty Blue” & Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light “Moonstone”
Needled: 3.75 mm
Started: 22nd June 2018
Finished: 15 February 2020
Pattern: Longbourn
Designer: Kay F Jones

Pyttipanna Shawl No.15

This is the first shawl that I made to learn lace knitting and fell in love with this pattern and I have now made 16 of this one and why this is number 15 is that the first number 15 was made in a yarn I didn’t like how it turned out in so I frogged it. So now I have made it in a colour and yarn that I have for a long time wanted this one in. So do I use them all? No! is the answer because lots of them have been presents and gifts.

So here is “Take 2” of the number 15 of this shawl.



I am so pleased about how it turned out and I love using this one.


You start with the border and then you pick up stitches along the whole border and then knit the rest with sort rows.


 Pattern: Pyttipanna Shawl by Maria Samuelsson

Yarn: King Cole Galaxy DK (2 balls)

Pattern is free and can be found on Ravelry 

and written in these languages: English, Swedish, French, Italian, Norwegian and Polish

Kindness Shawl 2 Finished!

It’s finally done and it did get a bit bigger with this yarn but it’s still too small for my liking and I think I will be using it from time to time. It’s a lovely pattern and easy to knit. I think I have to make this one again someday and make it bigger.






Pattern by: Jaala Spiro

Can be bought at Ravelry

Yarn used: Malabrigo Lace

Colourway: 237 Cuarenta

Needle size: 4.0 mm

Kindness Shawl by:Jaala Spiro

I have knitted this one already once but the yarn was wrong for it and so beautiful, so I frogged it so I can use that yarn for something else instead. The yarn i was using was #Pro Lana Golden Socks 4-frach” in the colourway 932 and dye lot: 60988. Stunning blue colour. I couldn’t block it properly to get the points out in the lace and it ended up way to small and short.



I would love to get my hands on more of this one in this colour but it looks like it’s a hard task.

So now I’m knitting this again in Malabrigo Lace and the colour is: 237 Cuarenta.


And this yarn is much better for this shawl.

Malabrigo Lace from kicki


The Snowmelt MKAL

I have joined the Snowmelt MKAL on Ravelry and was not pleased with my firs choice of three colours, so I frogged it and ordered two new colours to complement the one that I kept from the tree first one.

MKAL 1st colours

The new colours came Feb 28th so I started as soon as I could and last night the Clue 1 was ready and I am so much more pleased with the look now.

Here is clue 1 done in the new colours. I’m very pleased!

Reyna Shawl off the needles

Finally finished this shawl that towards the end really gave me big problems which ended up making this shawl to be a month late. Never mind, It’s done and I love it. I bought the yarn in Dublin this year in February. It’s Hedgehog Fibres Sock and the colourway is Spell. I love the colour of this yarn but I don’t like the yarn. It’s splitting a lot and it’s very squeaky. It feels like you are knitting with cotton and not wool, and it is 90% Merino and 10% Nylon. And when I was soaking it for the blocking it bled like mad. 🙁 So I will not buy any more of this yarn and I have two other colours in my stash of this one, so I will use them but not buy any new ones.


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