4th Dr. Who Scarf

I and my husband were in England in April this year for the Marillion Week-End (three gigs by Marillion) and we met up with loads of friends, and one of them is a massive Dr. Who fan. He was wearing his long scarf and mentioned to me that he wouldn’t mind me knitting him a new one because the one he’s wearing is getting a bit knackered.  I told him that I would be more than happy to do that for him so here I am after lots of browsing the net for the pattern and the right colours and then finding the colours in the right yarn weight. I am very pleased with all the colours apart from the “camel/Beige”. I found a perfect shade but the yarn was to thick so I had to go with this lighter one and I just hope that my friend will not be disappointed over it.

4th Dr. Who, Tom Baker.

So when I found all the colours I started to knit it on the 10th of July and this is how it looks right now.

The shade of the “Camel” colour is very hard to photograph properly and sometimes it’s almost white and others its almost perfect to what I wanted in the first place.

I am over halfway through the pattern now and I hope I will have it finished before we are off to Wales and England in 8 weeks and I can hand it over to him in person if possible.

Yarn used: Drops Karisma, Drops Lima and Cascade 200 Superwash.
Needled: 4.0 mm (US 6)
Started: 10 July 2019
Finished: Still knitting on it.

Pyttipanna Nr 2 klar


Denna sjal/halsduk är så otroligt lätt (när man löst spetsen) att sticka och fort går det. Nu har jag stickat en till mig själv denna gång och är riktigt nöjd med den.



Garnet jag använt är :

image_medium2.jpg Sonata.jpg

Denna sjal kommer jag att göra flera av, det vet jag redan nu. Det kan bli fina presenter om inget annat. Det går åt lite garn och jag tror jag kan göra två till av det som är kvar av nystanet.

Vill ni prova på att göra denna sjal så finns mönstret här hos garnomera.