Oh-land /Öland Cardigan

Beautiful Cardigan by Linnea Ornstein

I really wanted to knit this one as soon as I saw it but it did take a bit of time before I had all the yarn and that I felt ready for colourwork. But I did it. Everything went fine but the colourwork was puckering a bit and I was hoping it would flatten out after blocking, and it did but turned it way too big at the top. So I’m a bit upset now over this because it fitted perfectly unblocked and now it’s massive. I think I will not use Superwash Merino for these things in the future or just knit one size smaller so it will fit after blocking. A woman in my group on Facebook told me that she always knit just the colourwork in yokes one size smaller and I will try that next time. Now I need to rescue this in some way because I really like it.

Before blocking

Here it is before blocking and it fitted perfectly. I was so pleased over that and all it needed at this time was buttons and blocking to get the puckering of the colourwork flattened/relaxed.

I need to do something to the neckline at the back I think to tighten it up a bit and I still need buttons.