Stitch In Time part 2

After my husband saw my first Stitch In Time blanket he said that he wanted that on the spare bed, but the blanket is just a lap blanket and not big enough for a single bed. So it was time to measure up the bed and get started on a new one and I have to admit that it has been a struggle to get all the colours for it and I had to beg for scraps in my Facebook group instead of ordering a whole skein for just about 15 grams of yarn, so it took some time to get this one knitted just because of that. I worked out that the blanket should be 7×4 blocks and because of the 7 blocks long I thought “Rainbow”. So that was the hardest part of the blanket to get sorted out because some colours are the colours that I do not buy much of, like yellow, brown, grey. And those few yellows and browns and so on that I do have are not enough to use for the whole block because I don’t want to use the same yarn more than once in the same block unless there’s a way of changing the run of the colourway if it is very variegated with long runs of the colours in it and I have done that a few times. So here are the last blocks in the making that I am really fighting with to finishing off.

But I know I will finish it before the end of this year. If I have to order some skeins to do it then I will.

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