2018 is here and I have lots of plans.

This year will hopefully be a very good year in so many different ways and when it comes to crafting I feel that my knitting will get better and I will expand my knowledge and the same goes for crocheting.  When it comes to embroidery and cross stitching I have more or less completely stopped. I do have things that I still want to cross stitch or finish off and I also want to full fill my promise to my late mother that I WILL master Hardanger stitching. She was so good at it and I have always wanted to learn to do it and she did start teaching me this back in the mid 80s.

Another thing I want to learn this year is to dye yarn with acid dyes and with mushrooms (fungus). I might get back to some more spinning. Then it’s time to bring out the sewing machine to get starting to learn how to use it. The first thing is to make project bags for all my knitting and crocheting and also some tote bags for the same thing

So 2018! here I come!