Bullfinch Mittens

Pattern by Jorid Linvik

I am a big fan of Bullfinches so when I saw these mittens, I just had to knit them, so I did. But it didn’t go as planed, because when it was time to pick up for the thumb, something went horrible wrong and it ended up being ripped up, the whole thing and after that I just lost interest for a year. But this year I picked it up again and learned from my mistake and finished them. I am SO pleased with them and they are so warm.

I never thought that I could knit a pattern like this but I really wanted them so I just went for it, and I’m glad I did. I have learnt so much by making them and that will just help me in the future in the next pair I will make.

Yarn used: Du Store Alpakka Sterk
Needle: 2.50 mm
Started: 26th of January 2021
Finished: 5th of February 2022
Pattern: Bullfinc Mittens
Designer: Jorid Linvik 

Green buttons

Green buttons for the Oh-Land/Öland cardigan

I finally got the buttons that I ordered from www.e-slojd.se January 13 but I had to remind them twice before they sent them. Anyway, these buttons are for the Oh-land cardigan that I knitted recently and after seeing these up front I decided on the biggest ones.

Perfect for the cardigan
The Oh-Land/Öland cardigan

The sad thing with this one is that before I vlocked it it fitted perfectly but now the yoke is massive and I need to sort it out in one way or another and I think I have come up with a good idea, so I will be trying that out first before I mention it here and show you what I did.

Christmas Eve Cast-On Finished

This was a fun and fast knit and I love the colours in this one. It reminds me of old Victorian Christman.

Yarn used: Opal  Glitter mit Silbereffekt, 9670 Shine
Needle: 2.50 mm
Started: 24th of December 2021
Finished: 25th of January 2022
Pattern: Just a Vanilla Sock
Designer: Me 😉

Christmas Eve Cast -On

On Christmas eve I wanted to cast on a pair of socks with this lovely Opal yarn that I bought in Cambridge 2019. It has a silver sparkle in it so it was perfect to use it during Christmas and I was not using any patterns for this one, so just a vanilla sock with a bit of “fun” just after the rib.

I have just cast on the second sock so this pair will soon be finished.

Yarn used: Fingering weight (Opal 9670 Shine)
Needle: 2.50 mm
Started: 24th of December 2021

Lovely Blankets

When I have finished a pair of socks, shawl, cowl a.s.o, I can’t throw away the leftover yarn, instead, I use it for a scrappy project like blankets or socks even, so here I have four blankets on the go at the same time and as soon as I have finished a project, that yarn goes straight into these blankets.

The two Granny Striped blankets are from a pattern by Atic24 and it’s a free pattern. You can see I have two of them on the go and that’s because one is wider than the other one and I have only variegated and tonal yarns in that one and only for two rows, whilst in the other one I use even solid coloured yarn and up to 4 rows of the same yarn depending on the yarn itself.

The top blanket is called “Jelly Roll Blanket” by Kay F Jones from the Bakery Bears Podcast and it’s a pay-for pattern and you’ll find it at Ravelry. The one on top of the Granny Striped Blankets is another one from Kay F Jones and it’s part of a blanket called “Stitch in Time” and that too is a pay-for pattern and can be bought via Ravelry. All these blankets are perfect for getting rid of leftover yarn from projects.

Oh-land /Öland Cardigan

Beautiful Cardigan by Linnea Ornstein

I really wanted to knit this one as soon as I saw it but it did take a bit of time before I had all the yarn and that I felt ready for colourwork. But I did it. Everything went fine but the colourwork was puckering a bit and I was hoping it would flatten out after blocking, and it did but turned it way too big at the top. So I’m a bit upset now over this because it fitted perfectly unblocked and now it’s massive. I think I will not use Superwash Merino for these things in the future or just knit one size smaller so it will fit after blocking. A woman in my group on Facebook told me that she always knit just the colourwork in yokes one size smaller and I will try that next time. Now I need to rescue this in some way because I really like it.

Before blocking

Here it is before blocking and it fitted perfectly. I was so pleased over that and all it needed at this time was buttons and blocking to get the puckering of the colourwork flattened/relaxed.

I need to do something to the neckline at the back I think to tighten it up a bit and I still need buttons.

Jelly Roll Blanket

Jelly Roll Blanket by: Kay F Jones

Another blanket that I started up during May and it’s another scrappy blanket made of leftovers and it’s so much fun to knit this one. The picture is showing the wrong side of it and here underneath is the front. No seeming just attache as you go. Brilliant.

The pattern can be bought via Ravelry.

September Socks

September Socks (Socks with faked Cables)

These socks have a long history with me because I started way back in 2011 or thereabout and I was a new knitter then after a long pause from 1987 when I just had started to learn it back in 1985 with mums help. So when I put this to the side and left it for some time I could not see where in the pattern I was because I was not experienced enough at that time, so I ripped it all up and left it to that, but I had deiced to use this yarn for That sock in the future and that future was now in 2021.

I’m so pleased with them and the pattern is so easy to knit and it looks nice and I managed to make them to match. There will be more socks in this pattern.

If you want to give these a go then you’ll find the pattern here at Ravelry.
The pattern is in Swedish and English by Helene Wallin

Yarn used: Fingering weight
Needle: 2.50 mm
Started: 18th of April 2021
Finished: 28th of May 2021
PatternSockor med falska flätor/Faux Cables Socks
Designer: Helene Wallin

Bits And Bobs Cowl

This knit was a real struggle for me. I never thought I would be able to make it but I didn’t give up and I tried at least 15 times before I got the hang of it and managed to finish it. I never thought knits and purls could be so hard and this is the Fishermans’ Rib and held with 2 strands of yarn. One was the main one and it was Cascade Yarns Heritage white and the rest was leftovers from sock knitting and shawl knitting.

I have to say that I’m glad that I finished it because it’s so soft and squishy and I might make another one in the future, now that I know how to knit it, but I’m not in a hurry.

Yarn used: Fingering weight
Needle: 4.00 mm
Started: 28th of Mars 2021
Finished: 2nd of May 2021
Pattern: Bits and Bobs Cowl
Designer: Kay F Jones

The 2nd Moondust

2nd Moondust finished

I never showed the second Moondust efter it had been blocked, so here it is!

It didn’t turn out as good as I was hoping for and that’s probably because of some reason this one turned out to be longer than my first one. The yarn is the same, just another colour, and I used the same size needles but it still turned out longer. I must have knitted this one looser.

Here’s my first one, check the size difference between them!

And this is the designers one that’s on the pattern I bought.

So I might rip it all out or just leave it for a bit and see how I feel about it later.