Bullfinch Mittens

Pattern by Jorid Linvik

I am a big fan of Bullfinches so when I saw these mittens, I just had to knit them, so I did. But it didn’t go as planed, because when it was time to pick up for the thumb, something went horrible wrong and it ended up being ripped up, the whole thing and after that I just lost interest for a year. But this year I picked it up again and learned from my mistake and finished them. I am SO pleased with them and they are so warm.

I never thought that I could knit a pattern like this but I really wanted them so I just went for it, and I’m glad I did. I have learnt so much by making them and that will just help me in the future in the next pair I will make.

Yarn used: Du Store Alpakka Sterk
Needle: 2.50 mm
Started: 26th of January 2021
Finished: 5th of February 2022
Pattern: Bullfinc Mittens
Designer: Jorid Linvik 

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