Project Bags

Beautiful gifts from a dear friend.

I can’t beleive that I’m so lucky to get these beautiful gifts from a friend in my Facebook group. I was mentioning that I have three sewingmachines and non of them are working properly and I really want to have my mums old Singer from 1960 serviced and fixed, but we don’t have any shops in town that does services on sewing machines, so I need to drive some distance to do it so it jut sits there and it’s frustrating. I really want to learn how to sew these things for my knitting and then I might be able to sew some cloathes, but I’m not holding my breath.

So then she asked me what size I want them in and modles and I was starting to realize that she was thinking of making me one and she told me to pick fabric and colours from a photo she posted and Wow! it was hard to pick one because there was two colours and fabrics that caughted my eye so I was struggeling picking one so she then told me that she will make me two!!

So when these arraived 3rd of March I was averwhelmed over the bags and how well made they are and the little extra notion bag and all other little lovely things she added to it all just made me stunned.

I really hope that I one day can make these myself and I have already starting using the smaller one with a pair of socks that I have started to knit on.

first project has moved in. Happy days!