Neck-warmer in 2 colour Brioche

I have for a long time wanted to learn Brioche and had no idea how to do it. When I finally started to look it up I found out it’s what we in Sweden call “Patent”, and that I have heard of. So I started a knit-a-long in my facebook group and then problems started. I don’t know how many times I was ripping it out and starting again because it just didn’t look right. I was following the pattern to the letter but it still didn’t look right. The other girls finished their brioche items and I was still trying to work it out. I Then started to watch films on YouTube and find out there are many ways to do this so that didn’t help much, but I started to see one thing that caught my eyes and that was that I should have the YO (yarn over/wrap) on the back of the fabric before I slip the next one purlwise. That’s what I did wrong and the pattern didn’t mention it! I hold the yarn in front of the fabric before I slip purlwise or just purl. I know that some people purl from the back, so they really should have mentioned this in the pattern. Once I worked this out everything worked just fine 🙂

Incantation Socks finished!

These socks were quick and fun to knit. The pattern is so well written and looks great, also fit perfectly.
I joined in with the designer Kay F Jones, from the Bakery Bears Podcast for her #BBOpalKal to knit up things only using Opal Yarn to free up some stash space.  I will defiantly knit these again.


Two different socks at the same time

I’m knitting two pairs of socks at the same time, nothing strange at all with that, but they are for two different persons, and this is the first time I do that. The first pair is for me and the other for my husband who for the first time asked me to knit him a pair!! No preasure there!! First pair of them both are done and I have now started the sedond one for my hubby.


My Socks. A free Swedish pattern called: Anitas randiga i 4-trÄdigt Opal garn
Yarn: Black Opal and multi coloured ONline Supersocke 4-fach Neon Color
Needles: KnitPro Zing 2.50mm


Husbands socks: Pattern is a mix between 2 patterns and payed for.
Yarn: Svarta FĂ„ret “Frost”
Needles: ShiaoGoo 2.25mm



Source: GarnfÀrgning

I have been giving this a great deal of thought lately and I am so eager to learn to dye my own yarn and hopefully be able to sell some of it. I have to do a small test first to work it out before I buy the expensive yarn/wool bases.

Knit Nottingham


This is a yarn shop in Nottingham, England that I stumbled over by mistake for some times now, after finding Eleanor’s vlog (Video Blog)  on YouTube.

Eleanor is one hilarious and bubbly woman who makes me laugh and happy every time I watch her vlogs and I just love her. She’s just brilliant. But some people might find her language a bit vulgar from time to time.

She’s been working so hard with the yarn shop from day one, when they were three ladies owning it, but now she’s bought them out and she’s moved to a bigger shop by using crowd founding.

Her first “vlog” was 4 years ago and lots have happened since then.

I will now in late November travelling over to England with my husband (who’s English) to meet up with family and friends and attend a concert (Marillion) and also, take a trip to Nottingham to visit Eleanor and her new shop. I’m so looking forward to this.

Please feel free to follow her on YouTube: KnitNottingham

Her Shop: KnitNottingham


Bakery Bears is creating podcasts about knitting, history, crafting & baking




Kay and Dan Jones

This is the BEST podcast of them all out there if you are into knitting, History, Crafting and Baking. This couple are just the best and Dan makes me laugh every time I watch a episode. I can’t recommend these guys enough, and I would love to know that I have managed to get them a few more viewers after writing this. Please give them a go, you won’t regret it!


eBay och Halskragen

Idag Àr första dagen pÄ detta Är 2014 och jag har börjat Äret med att vÀga mig för att komma igÄng igen med dieten som jag sÄ slarvade med förra Äret. Sedan sÄ har jag tagit en lÄng promenad med min man och hundarna pÄ andra sidan byn. Det var riktigt skönt och ingen snö sÄ jag kunde gÄ utan problem och oro över att halka och slÄ knÀt ur led igen.
Utöver detta sÄ har jag ropat in tre Spellbinder dies pÄ eBay och jag har stickat klart min halskragen som nu behöver 4st knappar innan jag syr ihop den och blockar den.





Pyttipanna Nr 2 klar


Denna sjal/halsduk Àr sÄ otroligt lÀtt (nÀr man löst spetsen) att sticka och fort gÄr det. Nu har jag stickat en till mig sjÀlv denna gÄng och Àr riktigt nöjd med den.



Garnet jag anvÀnt Àr :

image_medium2.jpg Sonata.jpg

Denna sjal kommer jag att göra flera av, det vet jag redan nu. Det kan bli fina presenter om inget annat. Det gÄr Ät lite garn och jag tror jag kan göra tvÄ till av det som Àr kvar av nystanet.

Vill ni prova pÄ att göra denna sjal sÄ finns mönstret hÀr hos garnomera.