Filten som tröstar och värmer i sorgen – Mjölby Boxholm Ödeshög – – Nyheter Linköping Östergötland

I den djupaste sorg kan trösten komma i oväntad form. När Mia Stéen förlorade sin älskade virkade de okända Facebook-vännerna en kärleksfilt.

Source: Filten som tröstar och värmer i sorgen – Mjölby Boxholm Ödeshög – – Nyheter Linköping Östergötland

I am so glad that I was part of this comfort blanket to Mia after loosing her husband last year. We were a few ladies that started to crocheting granny squares and sent to one of us who would put it all together and send it to her with letters and cards as well from us all.

It’s touching to hear he reading my card out loud (the last one). She is a member in my handicraft group on Facebook. The group is secret and only for 30 members and in Swedish.




Knit Nottingham


This is a yarn shop in Nottingham, England that I stumbled over by mistake for some times now, after finding Eleanor’s vlog (Video Blog)  on YouTube.

Eleanor is one hilarious and bubbly woman who makes me laugh and happy every time I watch her vlogs and I just love her. She’s just brilliant. But some people might find her language a bit vulgar from time to time.

She’s been working so hard with the yarn shop from day one, when they were three ladies owning it, but now she’s bought them out and she’s moved to a bigger shop by using crowd founding.

Her first “vlog” was 4 years ago and lots have happened since then.

I will now in late November travelling over to England with my husband (who’s English) to meet up with family and friends and attend a concert (Marillion) and also, take a trip to Nottingham to visit Eleanor and her new shop. I’m so looking forward to this.

Please feel free to follow her on YouTube: KnitNottingham

Her Shop: KnitNottingham


Järbo Garns “Stjärn Duk”


Denna Stjärnduk som Järbo Garn AB har puplicerat på deras blogg har blivit riktigt poppis. Jag har redan sett minst 10 olika färgkombinationer och storlekar av den. Detta är min första och det kommer att bli flera av den, var så säker.

Vill du prova på att virka denna duk så klicka här – Retroduk till vår och påsk. Lycka till!


I so want to get this one so I can make it. I love blackwork even though I have never done it and cross stitch I have done for years, so this is just the best combination for me! LOVE IT! I used to subscribe this and other magazines, but being unemployed (10 years now and counting) I had to stop them all. I do miss them…

The designer of this stunning art is: Valentina Sardu.

This pattern was in the August issue 2015 (issue 231)


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